Important Legal Information About TVonDesktop Software:

The TVonDesktop software is a 100% legal software program. It does not do any of the following things:

1 - It does not display copyrighted material in an unauthorized manner.
2 - It is not a "peer to peer" file sharing program and will not let you download illegal movies, TV shows or software.
3 - It does not in any way allow you to get illegal or "pirated" Cable or satellite TV.

What TV on desktop does is it aggregates all the publicly available sites online that allow you to watch television. It allows the users to tag these "channels" with keywords and helps to make them easily accessible. Channels are organized by topic and by country.

Then you can easily surf through these using TVonDesktop as a browser. This saves you hundreds of hours in research time trying to find all these websites and channels yourself. Not to mention keeping track of them and categorizing them all.